Reclaim. Embrace. Radiate.

Coming home to Your Feminine Nature.

What if, under our doubt, our shame and wounds is the most beautiful, feminine power that wants to express itself in a sensual way of living?

The Feminine is the inexhaustible power from which all life arises. It is the source of profound wellbeing, a deep connection to your inner truth and a genuine sense of joy arises.

As a Coach I create a container where women can explore their breezy, feminine aliveness at the fullest while reconnecting to their body, inherent wisdom and life force energy.

Twenty years of trajectory in the corporate sector made me transition through diverse multinationals and leadership positions. I lived great moments of success but also many moments of exhaustion while oversteping my boundaries constantly.

After a lot of internal work I can now say that I am a voluptuous, warm and soft woman. A woman who has decided to embrace herself and her Rubenesque body. There’s infinite beauty in the shape of my unique body and my inherent creative power.

Today I can say – facing my deepest Wounding  created Wonders an so many levels.

Today I serve woman to get back home to themselves and their power and their Intuition. I help them to overcome their doubt, their shame and heal their wounds.

Why I can do it? Since more than 15 years I am deeply dedicated to my own healing. For a very long time I carried deep wounding and shame within me. Later I discovered that all of this was holding me back to live at my fullest.

As it is the case for many of us, the root of my shame could be traced back to my childhood, how I was brought up.

Understanding the disconnection from myself helped me to realize that the way I lived and was not sustainable anymore and created great harm first of all to myself and additionally to my dear ones.

Nature is cyclic
The Feminine is cyclic
Women are cyclic
by Nature.

What I Do.

I create a safe container for women to explore their feminine aliveness at the fullest while strongly reconnecting to the inherent wisdom of their body and core life force & energy. Women I worked with report that they feel deeply energized, reconnected with their creative power and above all much more self-confident.

Topics I support you with:

Becoming aware of your cyclical nature and how to use your energy in the most effective way.

Helping you to see beyond your limitations. What are your limiting beliefs, where have you been hurt and what needs to be healed?

Helping you to move beyond feelings like shame & doubt, so that you can access and unleash your deeply rooted feminine power, and express it in a more sensual and alive way.

The very safe container we are creating will reconnect you with your most important skills: Intuition, self-awareness and healing.

Empowering you in your feminine wisdom will affects all areas of your life and make a real difference.

Supporting you to translate your vision, next version of yourself or yet unlived passion into action by helping you to see what you need to transform within yourself first

Constanze takes unusual ways to get to the heart of the problem. Her presence and her empathy play an important in the coaching process. I felt deeply seen and safe to open up.
Jana B.
Thanks a lot dear Constanze for your openess, warm open heart and readiness to help. You know how to motivate on finding who we are, staying strong and keep going for the best for us. You recognized all tiny details which blocked me.   You helped me to value myself and gain self-esteem.
She truly has the skill to create a space where client feels safe and inspired.
Alina D.


On the one hand, it is to follow the inner cheeky and courageous voice and to pay attention to my intuition and wisdom. And on the other hand, to be aware that there are fears and beliefs that hold me back from fully expressing and living my full potential and my heart’s concern.
Life Coach – Business Coach – Visionary – Keynote Speaker – Author


I have spent 20 years in a very demanding corporate career, mostly in leadership positions. Towards the end of this journey feelings of disconnect, overwhelm and a general lack of aliveness often lead to burn out and serious exhaustion. My curiosity and determination to find solutions lead me on a path of deep exploration. I worked with amazing teachers, engaged in intense trainings and made my inner growth and unfolding my priority. This helped me to uncover my own limiting beliefs, societal restrictions and “rules” of the corporate life, I had subconsciously accepted. It only occurred to me then to what extend I had shut down an important and vital part of myself when I entered the office – every single morning. 

In 2019 I suffered a painful incident that I can only refer to a devastating accident. This accident left me with a herniated disk. This injury caused so much pain that I could hardly move. My right leg was completely numb.

At the clinic they told me that I needed to have an operation. Instead of following this orders and other people’s opinions.

I listend to my inner guidance and my broken body. 

Against the advice ot the doctors I traveled to Bali, which was extremely difficult and painful. But only 24 hours after arriving I was pain free thanks to a Chinese medicine woman, meditation, acupuncture and a therapist who helped to process my suppressed emotions.


Alexandra Feldner, founder FemmeQ & Shine your Light, London


Working with Constanze enabled me to face some difficult and irritating topics which needed healing. The container she creates is a rare combination of total safety, deep caring & fun in which I could trust 100% and fully open up without any feeling of fear or shame. Her expertise is based on a very unique combination of skills. Her vast experience and her maturity as a woman turned each session into a real treat.

Sounds interesting to you?

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